17 shots that might make you a little uneasy (18 photos)

20 November 2023

When we watch a horror film, we are usually prepared for a frightening plot twist, and the degree of fright depends on the skill of the director. But sometimes life is better than any screenwriter, and easily creates scary stories when you least expect it. Take a look!

1. I was terribly scared

2. My mother-in-law just served me a piece of cake.

3. Call an exorcist

4. I almost burned the house down

5. It seemed

6. My daughter did a great job preparing for Halloween.

7. My wife and I returned home and thought that our son was not feeling well.

8. One of my colleagues decided to joke a little

9. I work in a shopping center and I saw this at night.

10. Abandon hope, everyone who enters here.

11. I have a not-so-friendly ghost in my cup.

12. My friend’s cat likes to catch lizards. This lizard caught him

13. I returned to the hostel late

14. Something is wrong with these mushrooms

15. When the warning on the bottle is not enough

16. When you open a trash can and there

17. My son asked for an octopus pancake, and I ended up with a complete nightmare.

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