15 coincidences that prove that life is ready to surprise us at any moment (16 photos)

27 March 2023

Even those of us who don't believe in fate or chance can sometimes find themselves in a situation for which they can not find an explanation. These creepy the "failures" of the universe can easily lead anyone to believe that coincidences don't just happen. Take a look yourself!

1. I work in the kitchen. You have no idea how many people say: "You look like the guy from Ratatouille!"

2. I called a taxi, and the driver turned out to be my copy, only without the mustache

3. My girlfriend met her copy, they even have similar tattoos

4. My socks match the color scheme of my shoes.

5. Left: scene from the first season of Stranger Things, action which takes place in 1983. Right: me, dressed in exactly the same shirt in 1983

6. Perfect match

7. The color of my parents' cat exactly matches the color of the carpet.

8. My twin brother and I went on a trip and met the triplets

9. I saw a photo of my dog on the package.

10. Mom went out to get some fresh air, and my eyes started to tingle.

11. I thought it was a stick, but this is a moth

12. Favorite rug

13. This flamingo has four legs.

14. Found an unknown twin at a music festival

15. My friend was challenged to a fight by a man in the same T-shirt

16. Invisible slippers

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