15 people whose luck ran out today (16 photos)

4 October 2023

Life can be full of surprises, sometimes turning good days into bad days. And it begins to seem that the universe loves to challenge us at the most unexpected moment. But when people's luck runs out, a little humor can make it easier to overcome difficulties. Take a look!

1. All the avocados from the package turned out to be spoiled

2. I decided to drink coffee in the morning

3. I know what I will do on my day off.

4. Forgot to take cola out of the freezer

5. Swimming in the ocean for the first time and getting stung by a jellyfish

6. While I was not at home, my dog sneaked into my room.

7. This is a brand new robot vacuum cleaner that we received as a wedding gift. I do not even know where to start

8. It’s scary to think how long it will take to wash it.

9. I gave my friend shoes to wear when going out.

10. My anti-stress toy burst in my hands

11. My husband heated pasta in the wrong container.

12. Father pulled the shelf too hard and everything fell apart.

13. The stylist said that the color would be light brown.

14. This is not covered by insurance.

15. I put self-tanner on my face, and then my husband and I had a fight.

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