Successful shots, at the sight of which herds of large goosebumps rush (16 photos)

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12 January 2023

The most terrible usually turn out to be quite ordinary and familiar things and phenomena to which he would not even pay attention. If not a certain angle, angle, light, or just a little shattered nerves.

The case when he blinded, but is no longer happy with his creation: he watches his creator too carefully.

monsters around us.

Shrek either turns into a prince, or just got sick.

I am David Bowie. And I'm watching you.

A creative way to scare passers-by half to death. It's good that serene faces will melt along with the snowdrifts.

When the tomato itself is not averse to eating you.

Who knows what awaits you around the dark corner... Want to check it out?

Just a cat in a hat with ears waiting for the owner home.

This is what awaits at the end of the tunnel...

Sit at home at night, and not roam the parks. Uh-uh!

Just a glove that fell into a puddle.

Are you still not afraid? Then I go to you.

A very controversial plant in the house opposite.

An ominous shadow is an ordinary doll on the windowsill.

Almost ready decoration for a horror movie.

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