15 designers who turned on their imagination too much (16 photos)

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29 August 2023

Architects and designers are always trying to create something new and creative, because that's their job. But they are people too, and none of them not immune from mistakes and curiosities. In this post you will see creative works, during the creation of which the designers got a little lost in the wilds of their fantasy. Take a look!

1. In the mall, the ceilings are located along the entire aisle, with the exception of the benches.

2. The inscription on the cap: I dedicate to the one I love

3. The clock at Vienna Central Station is correct only when viewed from the other side.

4. The design of this mat can easily make you dizzy

5. What is the picture?

6. A throne, not a toilet

7. Carpet in the bathroom - very strange

8. Are there too many windows?

9. Reconstruction of an old building did not go according to plan

10. Sex for the very attentive

11. Uncomfortable shower

12. When fantasy went haywire

13. You can take a shower at the same time as the toilet

14. Balcony blocked off half of the sidewalk

15. Carpet shoes

<img src=" https://cn22.nevsedoma.com.ua/p/26/2681/129_files/610fa5442e544785df44ac87d9528537.jpg"

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