Jealousy in a large family is a temporary phenomenon (16 photos)

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28 June 2023

When a new member appears in the family, it can be difficult for old-timers get used to the fact that they will now get a little less attention. This is especially true of tailed citizens.

But this is usually temporary. Very little time will pass, and there will be no trace of envy and resentment.

1. What about me?

2. Me, pet me too

3. Clean up this woolen misunderstanding!

4. No, you stroke me, of course. But without respect...

5. Yes, you will drown in my saliva, big-eyed misunderstanding!

6. With a slight movement of the foot, the lady turns into a fresh chop

7. Well, Ryzhik, wait a minute!

8. What about me?

9. My world will never be the same...

10. You have to adapt somehow

11. It is possible that you will have to eat a cat

12. I think that we will still become friends

13. And I, how am I?

14. I will not be jealous of the striped booger, I am above this

15. You have to do something about it

Do your pets show reasonable and not very jealousy?

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