Road wars in India between “sowers” ​​and gatherers (5 photos)

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17 June 2024

What is the main problem on the roads in India? You will say cows, but they are not cows. Although because of them, a considerable number of accidents occur at night, including deaths, especially in the states of the “cow belt”, where beef cannot be eaten at all.

But in India, road fraud is very common, which we had probably about 15 years ago, but has not taken root everywhere.

Big money on nails

Indian engineer Benedict Jebakumar made it a rule to collect... nails from the road on his way to work! And in 5 years I collected 50 kilograms, gaining 10 kilograms a year, that is, just on the way to work.

And he started doing this when his salary was no longer enough to maintain the car. He drove along the ring road, and his car constantly had a flat tire. He began to go out and collect metal nails from the road, scattered on some sections of the ring road, on which a lot of tire shops had opened.

They sprinkle thickly, their nails probably cost pennies. And it was possible to build a house

The scheme is clear to everyone - if there are no clients, you have to create them yourself. With Hindu spontaneity, tire shops buy nails in buckets, scattering them by the handful five kilometers before their establishment, right along the road.

The scary thing is not that there are such scammers in every country, but that in India there is no mechanism to combat them.

But good nails are actually quite heavy

That’s why there is a tire shop with a bucket of nails in the back near every big city. Reporting to the police does not bring much benefit, which is why many conscientious people organized nail squads.

Some sow, others harvest

Installers scatter a couple of handfuls of nails at night before dawn.

And enterprising people stop at places they know from 7 a.m. and collect them with their hands. You can sweep it away, but then they will collect the nails from the side of the road and throw them back onto the roadway.

The result of a day's collection with a magnetic fishing rod. Not weak, right?

In the evening, on the way home, you can check the areas to see if any “additives” were thrown into the lunch.

That same engineer even invented a tool for quick collection: a fishing rod with a magnet, which collects nails so that you don’t have to bend over.

We are waiting for the next step in the technical advancement of scammers - they will find nails that are sharp, but not magnetic.

Bent nails are a new level of meanness, they make holes better, but they have to be bent - it’s hard

In this game, the maximum profit is, of course, factories for the production of nails and screws. And 50 kilograms of nails can be sold already, both by weight, and to some builder. And buy yourself new tires.

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