A car transporter with very rare Mercedes was spotted in Ukraine (7 photos)

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22 November 2023

The so-called car transporter was spotted in Lviv. Rumor has it that in addition to two extremely rare Mercedes, the trailer also transported a BMW M5 E39 and a brown Mercedes S-Class Lorinser in a W140 body. However, the most important question is whether the cars are exported from Ukraine or they change owners, because all of them are on our registration...

So, what is the exclusivity of these machines?

RENNtech 500SL 6.0 "SLammer"

The number of cars produced is unknown, but this particular example was the first production RENNtech 500 SL 6.0 in the R129 body!

At one time, this particular specimen graced the cover of the American magazine Automobile Magazine in July 1991!

The starting price (as of 1993) is $100,000. With this money, you could buy not only a village, but even a small town in Ukraine...

Characteristics of the RENNtech 500SL

The engine is 6 liters

Power - 381 hp.

Maximum speed — 250 km/h (limited by electronics)

Acceleration dynamics are unknown

Mercedes-Benz CL70 AMG

CL70 AMG is a 7.0-liter silver monster, produced in 18 copies! It was intended only for special customers of the company.

Interestingly, there are two such in Ukraine. Dubinsky has another CL70 AMG.

Characteristics of the CL70 AMG

The engine is 7055 cm3

Power - 496 hp.

Mass – 2250 kg

Acceleration to 100 km/h – 5.5 seconds

Maximum speed - 250 km/h (limited by electronics)

We will remind that by February 24, a mysterious scheme of importing rare Mercedes from Japan appeared in Ukraine.

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