China from above or what the most impressive road of China looks like (3 photos + 1 video)

26 May 2023

Roads in the mountains of China that look like an attraction.

Guizhou Province is one of the most beautiful regions in China. High mountains, steep gorges through which rivers run, and dense forests - all this can be seen in Guizhou. True, local residents do not live everywhere is simple, because some villages are high in the mountains.

Guizhou is developing at an incredible pace infrastructure, and, perhaps most impressively, how roads. For example, the video shows the Guanxing Highway, which leads to a major city in the Xinyi region. This track is finished build in 2003, and ride on it is a real pleasure, which will also cause an adrenaline rush. The road passes through the mountains along the way there are 13 tunnels cut right in the rocks, and 88 bridges with a total length of more than 110 km.

The video shows one of the bridges across the Beipan River, which From 2003 to 2005, it was considered the highest automobile bridge on the planet. IN today this bridge is at 11th place in height, partly due to the fact that that even taller structures have been built in China in 20 years.

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