How to not spend a yen in 36 years (5 photos)

13 June 2024

In Japan there lives a unique man who was able to live for 36 years without money. He collects coupons that give discounts and free items on anything.

Kiritani is 71 years old in this video. And she looks pretty young!

At 71, Hiroto Kiritani has become something of a celebrity in Japan. His ability to easily live solely on coupons, without using any of his own money, impressed the people. And he even had followers.

He caught up with the time to eat on coupons until the 25th anniversary and began to frequent television shows and all sorts of entertainment events, where he gives advice to housewives into a microphone. Housewives look at this “coupon master” with awe.

All his coupons, vouchers and cards are on the table - you still have to remember where and how to spend it

Sad story of couponman

As you understand, in order to shift the phase so slightly, you need to go through a lot of stress. This is how many of us became flea marketers after their savings burned through.

But Kiritani, at 35, was a professional shogi player and an ordinary person. But one day I was giving a shogi master class at the investment company Tokyo Securities Kyowaki. They convinced him, in turn, to invest in shares.

Pays with coupons at the cafe. And they accept it very politely, but here they hate coupons

At that time, a huge stock market bubble was inflating in Japan, which burst in 1989. After a couple of years of investment, poor Kiritani lost 100 million yen.

These were his life's savings, and Kiritani had to reconsider his entire life. Moreover, there was no money left even for living; he began to live on benefits for investors.

Sometimes he gets rid of unnecessary things, toys, for example, for money

Benefits are not dividends! According to the rules, if a company's profitability exceeds a predetermined threshold, shareholders are entitled to certain benefits in the form of coupons and vouchers.

It was these coupons and vouchers that saved him. You can use them to buy clothes without exchanging them for real money. Essentially these are coupons from investors. There are coupons for a free annual cinema pass, and there are coupons for vegetables from a catalogue.

You will say that you have to pay for housing with real money. But he takes them, selling the surplus from coupons. He doesn't eat everything alone.

Bike. He got it, do you know how? BY COUPON

The Japanese stock market has experienced turmoil more than once, for example in 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Then many people also went around the world, but Kiritani lived on coupons and didn’t give a damn.

What kind of life is this

Of course, we are not talking about expensive cars, real estate and wealth, which many investors dream of.

He rather wanted to show that you can live and not worry about money, food and clothing.

That is, he does not live entirely on those coupons from supermarkets that they like to cut out of newspapers (although he does not disdain them). And he shows small employees a strategy for investing their funds a little at a time in different companies and stocks.

It’s unlikely that such a scheme could work here; in my opinion, no one issues coupons as benefits.

As you might have guessed, Kiritani is not married.

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16 June 2024
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тю, а яка різниця гроці чи купони, якщо на ті купони можна все купити?
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