AUDI presented the anniversary limited station wagon Audi RS 4 Avant (22 photos)

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6 June 2024

Audi presented a new modification of the RS 4 Avant, which is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the model and received the appropriate name edition 25 years. It will differ in terms of increased power engine, modified suspension and some design nuances. Only 250 of these station wagons will be made for the European market. The price starts at 143 thousand euros.

Strictly speaking, the first sports station wagon from Audi is the RS2 model. However, the debut sports car of the quattro division was the RS4 Avant, which appeared in 1999. In honor of the anniversary, the current RS 4 acquired a boosted engine: 20 forces were added to the output of the standard 2.9-liter V6, increasing it to 470 hp. With. and 600 Nm.

The new modification will take 3.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h - this is 0.4 seconds less than a station wagon with a standard engine. The maximum speed increased to 300 km/h.

The basic equipment of the five-door includes the advanced RS pro suspension, with which the RS 4’s ground clearance is reduced by 10 mm. The sports car can be brought closer to the asphalt by another 10 mm due to the adjustment capabilities. The station wagon will also be equipped by default with reinforced levers, ceramic brakes and 20-inch forged wheels with semi-slicks. The front axle will have a negative camber of 2 degrees for greater stability.

The most powerful station wagon from the RS 4 family will lose its roof rails, receiving in return an extended black body decor. The exterior paint is a special Imola yellow shade, while the interior is trimmed with black leather and Alcantara with yellow stitching, like the 2001 RS 4 Sport. Even the traditionally red Audi Sport logos will be yellow in this case. In addition to the Imola color, black and dark gray are also available for the body. Finally, buyers of the RS 4 Avant edition 25 years will be offered a wrist chronometer in a similar style and with the same name. Like the new watch, the watch will be produced in an edition of only 250 copies.

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