In Japan, on an attraction, 32 people hung upside down at a height of 45 meters above the ground (2 photos + 1 video)

17 December 2023

“The roller coaster ride in Japan stopped at one of the highest points - 40 meters above the ground.

Plus one more phobia. A roller coaster in Japan broke down and left 32 people hanging upside down 45 meters above the ground. And they hung in this position for more than half an hour. DailyMail reports this.

The incident happened at Flying Dinosaur at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

The crowded ride made an emergency stop halfway through the 1,100-meter run and at an altitude of 150 feet (about 45 meters).


Footage shows terrified thrill-seekers hanging upside down from the Jurassic Park-themed ride as panic-stricken guests below look on in horror.

Universal Studios Japan said everyone on board the attraction was rescued by staff and taken down an emergency staircase, the Asahi newspaper reported.

The evacuation took about 45 minutes, officials said, adding that there were no injuries and no one felt unwell.

This is not the first incident with this attraction, installed in 2016, the publication reports.

After an hour and a half of tests, engineers declared that the attraction was not dangerous and allowed other brave thrill-seekers on board.

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