Huawei introduced a competitor to the Audi A8 with a price starting from 75 thousand dollars (16 photos)

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10 June 2024

An opening ceremony for accepting orders for the new premium electric car Stelato S9 took place in Beijing. This brand was created by a partnership of two concerns - Huawei and BAIC, and the S9 sedan became its debut model. The electric competitor of the Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the start is priced in the range from 450 thousand to 550 thousand yuan (from 75 thousand dollars).

The dimensions of the sedan are 5160x1987x1486 mm with a wheelbase of 3050 mm. It is claimed that it is based on a new platform, although it looks like a large crossover from another brand - the Aito M9. According to the developers, the length of the electric car's interior is 3460 mm, which is comparable to that of the flagships of European brands. In addition, the Stelato S9 will have outstanding aerodynamic characteristics, although exact details have not yet been made public.

Stelato S9 will receive two powertrain options: single- and dual-engine with units developed by Huawei. In the first case, the engine on the rear axle will develop 309 hp. s., in the second a 215-horsepower engine will be added for the front wheels.

The declared range is up to 800 km. In addition, Huawei has developed software for the new product for an advanced set of driver assistants with lidar and next-generation radars, as well as an operating system for multimedia.

The interior of the electric sedan has not yet been completely declassified: at the event they showed a slide with an image of the rear sofa, which is divided in half by a massive armrest with a built-in touch panel. Open sales of the Stelato S9 will start in August, and before the end of the year the sedan should appear in European countries.

Huawei continues to increase its presence in the automotive industry, although it prefers not to directly manufacture cars. As part of another joint venture, this time with JAC, the concern expects to soon bring to the market a particularly luxurious model comparable in premium level to Rolls-Royce and Maybach. The expected price is about a million yuan (130 thousand dollars).

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