“They said I had 15 months to live”: after chemotherapy, a woman found out that the doctors had made a mistake in the diagnosis (6 photos)

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11 April 2024

At the end of 2022, Lisa Monk began experiencing abdominal pain. A Texas resident suspected she had kidney stones and was referred for a CT scan.

The study confirmed the fears and also revealed a mass in the spleen, which was removed in January 2023.

According to the mother of two children, the organ was sent to four different laboratories. The woman was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood vessel cancer - angiosarcoma.

Doctors told the patient that she had the last stage of cancer, and she had only 15 months to live.

In March 2023, Monk was hospitalized and underwent her first course of chemotherapy.

Having lost all her hair, the woman underwent another course of aggressive treatment, after which she began to suffer from nausea and her skin acquired a silver tint.

At a routine appointment in April of that year, she was told that she had never actually had cancer.

“The first report from the laboratory said that I had cancer, and I began treatment. But then the hospital ordered its own study of the spleen, but the diagnosis was not confirmed,” Monk explained.

The doctors received the results a month before the second course of chemotherapy, but did not even bother to read the report.

"They finally determined that my spleen must have ruptured, which is why there was a mass on it. It was just blood vessel activity, no cancer."

"We are still paying medical bills. Oncology treatment is expensive. And this whole situation caused me mental trauma. I wrote goodbye letters to children and grandchildren whom I will never meet. And I looked like I had cancer. I "I was bald and unhealthy. It was a daily reminder of what we had been through."

Lisa did not come to terms with what happened, because the medical error destroyed her health.

“I feel sorry for my children, who thought they would lose their mother. These terrible few months seemed like a lifetime to us,” the woman admitted.

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