“Where is the belly?”: Paris Hilton became a mother for the second time (4 photos)

29 November 2023

It’s hard to imagine, but socialite Paris Hilton is already 42 years old and has two children. She recently spoke about the birth of her daughter London.

Paris Hilton could not arrange her personal life for a long time, but at the same time she had long dreamed of motherhood. Three years ago, the star declassified her boyfriend, businessman Carter Reum. In November 2023, the couple had a luxurious wedding.

In January 2023, Paris happily announced that she had become a mother for the first time. The couple had a son, who was named Phoenix. Paris went out quite often and journalists never noticed even a hint of a pregnant woman's belly. It was clear to everyone that Phoenix appeared thanks to a surrogate mother. Paris later confirmed this.

The star decided not to delay expanding the family. On November 24, Hilton posted a photo of a children's pink suit with the words "London" on her Instagram page.

“Thank you for my baby,” Paris said succinctly.

As it turns out, the girl's name is London. About ten years ago, Paris said that she really wanted to have a daughter named London. Her dream came true.

As one might expect, not all of the star’s subscribers were happy about the birth of a girl. Many accused Paris of "buying children."

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