The daughter of seriously ill Bruce Willis was also diagnosed with an incurable disease (3 photos)

21 March 2024

Tallulah Willis spoke candidly about how she didn't know about her diagnosis until the summer of 2023. After she found out, her life changed.

The 30-year-old youngest daughter of star couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis, spoke about the incurable diagnosis that doctors recently established. She wrote about this on her social network page by publishing an archived video with her father.

She captioned the post with "Tell me you're autistic without saying you're autistic." With this signature, the girl confused her subscribers, who immediately began asking about her health.

One fan commented on the video saying, "Don't know how much of your life you shared but would love to know more. You are brave and inspiring, this is a very sweet video."

In response, the girl admitted that in the summer of 2023 she learned that she had autism (according to Wikipedia, it is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior. Early diagnosis and intervention can help people with autism lead full and productive lives).

“This is actually the first time I publicly shared my diagnosis. I found out this summer and it changed my life,” the girl wrote.

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