Fox stole animal welfare officer's phone

21 February 2024

In the UK, a wild fox stole the phone of an animal welfare officer who came to rescue it. Animal escape caught on video

In the UK, a wild fox stole a smartphone from an employee of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and filmed itself.

The incident occurred in the village of Bagshot, Surrey, where service officer Ben Fitzcosta arrived. The specialist received a report of a fox with an injured paw. He found a wild animal and turned on the video recording on his phone to film the rescue process.

However, as soon as Fitzcosta installed the smartphone, the fox grabbed it and rushed into the bushes nearby.

She disappeared into the bushes, and then threw the phone on the ground and sniffed it. After that, she ran away, noticing the approaching man. Moments later, Fitzcosta found and took the phone. “It honestly made my day, the video was really funny. I'm glad I returned the phone. I had to run to catch up with the fox, as I knew that he would throw the smartphone somewhere in the bushes,” he said.

The specialist managed to catch the injured fox. After examination, it turned out that her paw was inflamed due to an old injury. She is currently undergoing treatment at a wildlife rescue clinic.

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