A selection of funny and failed product designs (14 photos)

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16 May 2024

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we don't understand how to react. Laugh or cry? Perhaps a little bit of everything. And the creations of these would-be designers are just that case. Let's take a look at these design masterpieces.

“Wherever you go, you’ll stumble”

“The mattress looks dirty because of this pattern.”

It occurred to someone that soap should look like this. These are gummy bears

“This dish has an odd number of egg slots.”

“Who approved this design anyway?”

“The door handle is so close to the sharp frame that you can easily cut yourself.”

“Something is wrong with the clock in this children's coloring book.”

“The emergency button is located next to the children's play area.”

“The mirror in my hotel room is blocking the only outlet in the bathroom.”

“One day someone will step on the only step without a railing. I just almost flew away."

“This is what the window in the women’s restroom looks like.”

“There is no carpet on the first step.”

“Not a label, but a whole book on a sports bra.”

“This is what the elevator looks like at our Faculty of Architecture”

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