Stains on white sneakers, goodbye forever: 20 simple solutions to everyday problems (21 photos)

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19 February 2024

How to save space in your closet, resurrect dead shoes and hide from the prying eyes of your neighbors: these tips are unlikely to win a Nobel Prize anytime soon, but they will definitely make your life easier.

1. To save space in the closet, hangers can be connected to each other using pull tabs from beer or soda cans

2. “I just saw my girlfriend charging her phone. For years I charged my phone on the floor like a moron.”

3. Dirty sneakers can be cleaned with micellar water.

4. “I had a bunch of old jeans that either didn’t fit or were worn out, so I made them into new ones!”

5. Stylish space saving: if you make a keyhole cut in the coffee table, it can be combined with a houseplant

6. “My girlfriend pulls the sheet off the mattress in her sleep. I, being the good guy I am, came up with a solution.”

7. The easiest way to water your garden.

8. “A volunteer helped me make these poufs for the library from decommissioned books.”

9. “This is how my wife protects the yarn from attacks by cats.”

10. “Annoyed that you can’t find the edge of the tape? Use bag clips.”

11. Eco-friendly confetti option

12. “Buy cleaning products in bulk in large quantities and stock up on a set of industrial sprayers - it’s more convenient, and you’ll spend less money.”

13. “If there is a power outage in the house, using empty translucent water cans can significantly increase the light output of a flashlight. Works great."

14. “I was able to save my favorite boots using a leather/vinyl repair kit and Kiwi shoe polish.”

15. To protect yourself from nosy neighbors without sacrificing sunlight, cover your windows with wax paper.

16. Cover non-stick pots and pans with lids upside down to prevent scratches.

17. How to cook more wings at a time and better quality: do not put them in a baking dish, but skewer them on wooden skewers.

18. The most useful life hack for sneaker lovers: try removing dirt/stains with an eraser. Works best on nubuck, suede, leather and rubber.

19. Instead of buying a new fragrance, add a couple of drops of essential oil to the old one. It's cheaper, will last longer, and you can experiment with different scents.

20. “I made two vertical gardens from used plastic bottles, as well as some pots from scrap materials found on the street.”

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