16 people whose motto is: "A penny saves a ruble" (17 photos)

17 May 2023

Everyone knows that money needs to be saved, because yes it’s nice to spend them on something that you have long dreamed of. In this post you you will see the ideas of thrifty users who managed to save a lot funds for seemingly insignificant things.


1. This year I made a Christmas tree out of books.

2. I dropped a knife I bought a year ago and it broke. tip. I contacted the manufacturers and they refunded my money.

3. My wife uses a small spatula to exhaust the remaining cream from the tube.

4. So that the power wires do not wear out, I use springs.

5. Socks turned into baby leggings

6. I planted lettuce seeds in a pot, and now I always have fresh lettuce

7. I really needed a small trash can, and then the kettle broke.

8. I bought a new sofa three times cheaper because there were several small holes in the upholstery.

9. I made this dish rack from the parts of a children's building kit.

10. The plastic cat litter shovel broke. Then I remembered that I have a kitchen colander

11. I use an embroidery hoop to make it easier to repair clothes.

12. Today I made a hole in the pockets of my jeans myself with a special machine.

13. I made a pasta dryer out of an old hanger and chopsticks, and now my dog can't reach them.

14. A man loves ice fishing, but his feet are sweaty. I came up with this

15. I make tea from dried fruits and berries.

16. When the toilet paper roll spun easily, children always unrolled too much paper. Wife came up with a brilliant move

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