A selection of unusual life hacks for all occasions (16 photos)

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23 April 2023

Users from different parts of the web decided to share a pretty amusing life hacks of his own composition, which can be useful in economy. Some of them look strange, others are funny, but they all do their jobs. Let's see.

If you have a set of identical glasses and would like to save space in your kitchen cabinet, just flip some of them bottom up

I use invisibility to make it easier to find the edge of the tape

Spatula helps keep my dog on the porch from chasing squirrels

The hair crab can act as a smartphone holder during a flight or a long trip.

Use a KN95 type respirator to protect the ax blade. And he won't get sick!

A pizza knife, also called a pizza cutter, can be used not only for its intended purpose.

After using and rinsing the plunger, place it under the toilet seat, to let it dry. This will help prevent water dripping from the toilet bowl onto the floor

A way that will allow you not to lose and organize your invisibles and pins. This life hack is especially useful when traveling.

Place a mouse pad under your coffee grinder to make it quieter

Used a beard trimmer to remove cat claw puffs from my couch

You can use old socks instead of a replacement mop head for mopping the floor

When I buy a new bar of soap, I "weld" the remaining small pieces from old soap to new. Does anyone else do this?

My girlfriend came up with an awesome hack that allows her to watch videos in the shower

This guy said goodbye to sweaty armpits

If you have a splinter stuck in your finger, try using phone flashlight like this. So you can see where she is stuck to remove it effectively

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