Good ways to save time and solve everyday tasks (14 photos)

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14 October 2022

Reddit users share their ways to make it easier self life For some, these ideas will be as useless as possible, for others will take note of a couple. In any case, someone else's experience teaches us a lot things, sometimes useful.

Good during flight

"My dog ​​likes to sleep next to me. But in my sleep I am constantly turned around, then sometimes lay down on the dog. In the end I bought it changing table and placed it next to the bed. The pet is satisfied"

Used a chain to free up space in the closet

Paint bucket

Organization of a first-aid kit with quick access to the necessary drugs

Storage of dried beef

In the dentist's office, a cow looks at patients to calm and distract them

Sometimes it is possible not to open completely, but only to cut the spout

Reading in bed

Avocados ripen faster next to bananas

The magnetic clasp of the strap serves as a convenient holder for screws

Sushi can be made with the help of a mat packed in a bag

Dispenser with paper towels inside

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