Don’t know where to throw away three-liter jars? (20 photos)

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17 November 2017

If you are not a fan of making pickles for the winter, and your relatives have already bought glassware in reserve, empty jars can become a problem. They take up a fair amount of space, especially if you don’t have a garage where your acquired goods are stored for years. The chips decided to find a way out: it turns out that banks can be used wisely in everyday life!

1. The decor of the cans visually looks very simple and stylish

2. Why buy those same snow balls if you can make them yourself?


4. The glass of jars is usually thick, so they can easily be used for storing various items

5. Cans easily turn into lamps

6. And also in vases


8. Don’t forget that a beauty jar can be coated with acrylic paint

9. A festive mood before the New Year can be created with the help of a garland

10. Oil lamp from a jar

11. For a romantic atmosphere, jars are used as candlesticks

12. Tired of regular photo frames? Jar!

13. Note to cooks: it’s easy to cook pizza in a jar in a water bath

14. You can make a chair out of small cans

15. There is also an option to lay out a path in the garden from cans that have accumulated in the closet

16. Classic use - aquarium

17. And so that banks don’t get boring, put money in them!

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