Why do wives apologize for celebrities in China (5 photos)

6 July 2024

In China, and even in Taiwan, there is such a thing as “PRwives”. But this is not about how wives promote their star husbands with their actions. No, this concept is used when the wives of celebrities who mess up have to apologize for their actions.

This is the same pregnant wife crying in front of a dozen cameras and microphones

Men don't apologize?

A curious cultural difference between the Chinese people. If our wife were to apologize for our husband, it would be inappropriate and strange. Imagine, for example, the notorious Petrov was arrested for drunk driving, then gave a press conference at which his wife apologized for him (is he even married there?).

Nevertheless, I am describing a real incident from the life of Taiwanese stars. Actor Jang Ho Man held a press conference with his pregnant wife Jiang Lisha to apologize for drunkenly stalking a 19-year-old artist. She begged him to forgive him with tears in her eyes.

He's to blame, she's crying

Or another case. Taiwanese TV presenter Di Xu has given several interviews, explaining that her husband Mike Hsu was simply seeing "friends" when he was repeatedly photographed hugging beautiful women in nightclubs throughout their 18-year marriage.

When director Chen Sicheng made the infamous "every man cheats" comment in 2014. His wife, actress Tong Liya, could only smile awkwardly and soften the shock of the audience: “It’s okay if they go home.” By the way, the couple divorced in 2021.

The director with an impudent grin says that very phrase

And there are dozens of such cases, so this is already perceived as normal on television and social networks.

What's the trick?

It's that the crowd redirects the anger. A strange, but smart move - the audience immediately begins to get angry at the woman, “how can you protect him, he’s not faithful to you” or “he broke the law, and you’re shielding him.” And the level of hatred towards the most guilty star immediately decreases. Brilliant!

TV presenter apologizes for her husband's advertising campaign

And then the Chinese have very strong patriarchal foundations. When they see a woman crying, the logic comes into play that if the husband is not forgiven, the family will fall apart. But we cannot allow the family of a crying woman to be destroyed; she is suffering.

Doesn't work in reverse

Unfortunately, in the case of female infidelity, men do not give a press conference that their star wife is good. Because it is believed that the wife is responsible for what happens within the family. And if she cheats, she decided it herself. And if he cheats, then she simply failed to raise her husband correctly!

Everyone feels sorry when a woman cries, especially a beautiful one, but in China they somehow overdo it

I don’t know who this perception infringes on more: stupid men, who are essentially under the thumb of their wife according to society, or women who must take full responsibility for the family, while the man is on the sidelines.

And it is precisely because of such strange morality that this phenomenon of “PR wives” was born, who sob on camera and say that their cheating husband simply “walked into the wrong door.”

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