She looked after him: a 23-year-old volunteer married an 80-year-old man (4 photos)

17 June 2024

The family did not approve of the girl's romantic relationship with a much older man who could be her grandfather.

The unusual love story between a 23-year-old volunteer and an 80-year-old man she met at a nursing home in China's Hebei province has divided Chinese society.

23-year-old Xiaofang and 80-year-old Mr. Li (both their names have been changed) quickly became friends because they had many common interests and hobbies. However, over time, their friendship grew into something more: the young girl was attracted by the maturity, stability and wisdom of Mr. Lee, and he was attracted by the cheerfulness and kindness of the volunteer.

Unfortunately, the Xiaofang family did not approve of her romantic relationship with a much older man who could be her grandfather, but the girl decided to follow her heart and quarreled with her parents in order to be with her chosen one.

This incredible love story has sparked a debate on the Internet: some criticize and ridicule the couple, while others praise them for their courage and devotion to their feelings.

By the way, many accused Xiaofang of marrying Mr. Li for money, but it turned out that it was the girl who provided for their family. Due to his advanced age and poor health, the man can only rely on his modest pension, so his beloved takes on most of the expenses.

Local media reports that the couple recently got married in a rather simple but elegant ceremony. They exchanged vows, vowing to each other to be there for each other, no matter what happens in life.

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