Sina drummer (6 photos + 7 videos)

28 May 2018

Sina Drummer is a drummer who will be happy to be included in any group.

Just imagine, she has 264k subscribers on her Youtube channel. Since she created this channel on September 30, 2013, she has accumulated 93,235,932 views as of January 18, 2018.

She doesn't post some stupid selfies or pictures of food, dogs, cats and other glamor. She plays the drums.

Moreover, she does it so convincingly and professionally that from her first sounds on the drum kit you understand that this is a professional of the highest category.

In the music world, she is known as Sina-Drums. She lives in

Hiddenhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and she is only 18 years old (born May 06, 1999).

She is, one might say, lucky - her father is a professional musician and she grew up in a recording studio. So when she was just 10 years old, she started playing the drums.

At 14, she was already playing so well that when watching her first videos of that time, if you just listen to the sound and don’t see who’s playing, you’d think that there was a decent drummer from some famous rock band behind the drum kit.

This is what Sina looked like then, at 14 years old:

It should be mentioned that in addition to drums, she also plays various musical instruments:

She has already recorded a large number of covers of popular rock compositions for a wide variety of musical tastes.

Here I Go Again (Whitesnake); drum cover by Sina

Smoke On The Water; drum cover by Sina

Hells Bells (AC/DC); drum cover by Sina

Jump (Van Halen), drum cover by a 14 year old girl

Deep Purple - Woman From Tokyo (drum cover by Sina)

I Was Made For Lovin' You (KISS); drum cover by Sina

Personally, I really liked what she does with the drums. I can go on and on about how she produces sound, how she feels rhythm, how she operates the kick pedal, and even how confidently she holds the drumsticks. Today I had “musical insomnia” - as I call it. That is, I listened to Sina play until late and watched her recordings on YouTube. And I can say that such a drummer will be gladly hired into any of the most famous rock bands in the world, and Sina will look very, very worthy in their lineup.

Let me remind you that she is only 18. She still has everything ahead of her. And I’m sure she will surprise many with her creativity!

24 December 2023
В немецком языке начальное "S" читается как "З". Так что имя девочки Зина. blush
Но это ничуть не умаляет её прекрасную игру. Я желаю ей хорошего будущего.
25 December 2023
And her name is ...
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