A fascinating video of how the icebergs of Greenland are changing (3 photos + 1 video)

13 June 2024

Every day, dozens of icebergs float past the cozy Greenlandic town, changing before our eyes.

The city of Ilulissat is one of the largest settlements in Greenland. The very name of the town is translated from Greenlandic as “icebergs”; it is not at all accidental and speaks for itself. The fact is that ice blocks, heading into the waters of the Atlantic, float past the town every day.

Icebergs break off from a glacier in the nearby Ilulissat fjord. This is one of the most productive glaciers on the planet, and has been under UNESCO protection for two decades. Danish photographer Jonas Høholt lived in Ilulissat for four months and during that time fell in love with the local coastline. He was very impressed by the local landscape, because the icebergs under the endless Arctic sky here change literally hourly.

Ice blocks parade past the colorful town, first under sunny skies and then under the aurora. With the onset of cold weather, icebergs become simply huge and can reach the size of a fifteen-story building. Höholt captures these changes in a mesmerizing time-lapse that spans summer and the early days of winter.

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