In the USA, a corgi comes to a neighbor's property every night to ride a pony (2 photos + 1 video)

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10 June 2024

A Missouri woman noticed that her neighbor's dog visited her property every night. She installed a camera - it turned out that the resourceful pet had learned to ride her pony and now comes for a ride every night.

Two weeks ago, American Kelly Schenker returned home to her farm in Missouri (USA) and saw something completely unexpected: someone was riding her miniature pony named Cricket. Looking closer, she realized that the rider was a neighbor's corgi. The farmer managed to film the animals on video, otherwise no one would have believed the story.

The dog sat completely calm on the back of the pony while he walked peacefully around the enclosure. So they made two circles until the animals noticed Kelly. The pony, apparently out of surprise, picked up speed - and carried the corgi somewhere into the night. However, the enclosure is fenced, so the animals did not run far.

“The dog is not ours, can you imagine! It’s just that the neighbor’s corgi decided to ride a pony,” Kelly captioned the video.

It later turned out that the animals became friends. And soon the neighbor's corgi began to come to the farm during the day. The girl did not chase the dog away - on the contrary, she tried not to interfere with the unusual friendship of the two species. Kelly's video about ponies and corgis has received more than 6 million views. This helped the woman earn money to support her farm.

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