A woman claims that after being struck by lightning she began to see the future (6 photos)

24 May 2024

American Elizabeth Krohn was 28 years old when she was struck by lightning. She nearly died and says she returned to her body with a strange new power - to foresee tsunamis, earthquakes and plane crashes in great detail.

Elizabeth Krohn says that after her experience, she gained the ability to foresee the future in her dreams. She told the Shaman Oaks podcast how about 35 years ago she was taking her children to the local synagogue when a severe thunderstorm began. Unfortunately, her wedding ring touched the shaft of the umbrella she was taking to shelter from the rain, and it was suddenly struck by lightning, striking her too.

Elizabeth then recounted an out-of-body experience where she realized her body was lying in the synagogue parking lot:

“I thought, where is my umbrella? I looked out the window. Of course, there was my umbrella in the parking lot. “I looked to my right, about 20 feet from the umbrella, and saw that I was lying on the ground.”

She dreams of future tsunamis, earthquakes and plane crashes in horrific detail.

Elizabeth's first thought was that her shoes were ruined—they had shattered as lightning tore through her body—but when she looked down at her feet, she realized that she was floating a short distance from the ground.

A moment later, a floating sphere of light led her away from the scene and into the Garden of Eden. She continued: “This garden is unlike any other on Earth. The plants were different. Flowers were blooming, just exploding with colors - unfortunately, it’s impossible to find words to describe it.”

Elizabeth wrote two books about her unusual second life

Elizabeth then allegedly had a long conversation with her late grandfather.

“They told me I could stay there if I wanted or come back. And he was going to help me make that decision by answering any questions I had.”

She was told that if she decided to return to life on Earth, she would have another child and her marriage would end in divorce. But Elizabeth decided that she wanted to return. Warning that the process would be very painful, Elizabeth's grandfather also told her something about the future. He revealed to her the result of that year's Super Bowl and also told her that George W. Bush would win the upcoming US presidential election.

She was told who the next President of the United States would be

“I wasn’t interested in politics and I didn’t care. So I asked: “Why are you telling me this?” And he replied: “Because when you come back, it will be difficult for you to remember what we talked about.

But when you see who wins the Super Bowl or you see George Bush become president, it will jog your memory of being here.”

Elizabeth says that very often news of events appear in her mind before they happen

But Elizabeth's knowledge of future events did not end there.

“I had to spend several months in bed because my legs were so burned, so I slept a lot,” she said. — When I slept, I had dreams. These dreams were very specific and I remembered the details. Not only did I remember the details, they were all bad dreams. These were nightmares about terrible events, tsunamis, earthquakes, plane crashes and other terrible things.”

Because the dreams were so vivid, Elizabeth remembered many details. One dream in particular stuck with her so much that she told her husband about it. It turned out that Elizabeth saw the crash of TWA Flight 800 in a dream, down to the smallest detail.

“I gave the correct flight number. I correctly stated the number of people on board. It made me very nervous.”

She remembers thinking, “Should I try to prevent this? Do I really have to call the FAA and say, "Hey, I'm just a mom from Houston and I think this plane is going to go down." And then, if the plane crashes, they will knock on my door and say: “What have you done with our plane?”

The prophetic dreams did not stop, and Elizabeth had difficulty coping with them. The burden of this terrible knowledge made her difficult to communicate with, and - as she had been warned - her marriage fell apart.

Elizabeth dreamed about details of the TWA Flight 800 crash.

The hardest thing for her to cope with was a nightmare in which she dreamed that she was talking to a victim of a plane crash at the moment when the plane was about to fall.

“I was on the plane and talking to one of the passengers. She told me her name. She introduced me to her child, who was sitting next to her. It was like a cocktail party, just small talk. Suddenly I realized that the plane was about to fall, and I needed to open my eyes. Until I opened my eyes, I am on this plane.

But she grabbed my hands and didn’t let go. And until she let go, I couldn’t wake up. She screamed for me to take her child with me. She knew I could leave and wanted me to take her child. She told me her husband's name. And she said, “Take my child and find the father.” Then there was a shock. Then, outside the plane, I saw souls rising from the wreckage."

Since Elizabeth began to talk more about her prophetic dreams, they, according to her, began to come to her less often. “Probably because I openly talk about it. I’m doing what I have to do,” the woman is sure.

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