Thailand gives city residents a sticky shower (5 photos)

16 May 2024

If there is a lot of dirt and dust in the air, the authorities try to spray water into the air so that at least some of the dirt will somehow settle. Such sprinklers are used in New Delhi, where it can be difficult to breathe from waste and burning garbage heaps.

But Thailand has taken a completely new path, because in Bangkok the situation in the heat becomes really critical. The level of pollution is such that people feel unwell. On days like these, something needs to be done urgently.

Smog over Bangkok on a summer day

And then cars with sprinklers, filled with water saturated with sugar, drive out onto the streets. Basically it's sweet water, add a tea bag and you can substitute cups.

Why do you need sugar in a barrel?

Thai authorities believe that sugar makes ordinary water more viscous. This means it better captures all particles from the air. That is, if you compare it with the sprinklers in Delhi, the efficiency of one such machine is much higher.

Some scientists, however, doubt this “stroke of genius.” Dr. Virachai Putthavong, professor of organic chemistry at Kasetsart University, believes that sweet water will not help much in this matter. The equipment is much more important. It must be powerful enough to break water into droplets small enough to capture particles as small as 2.5 microns.

These are photographs before Covid, although many may think that this is the residents trying to protect themselves from the disease. yeah, of course!

However, modern sprinklers can spray drops maximum to bind harmful particles up to 10 microns in size, that is, just pieces of dust. And what settles as a harmful heaviness in our lungs, such souls still cannot remove.

But sugar is a very fertile environment for all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria. Have you seen how yeast grows on sugar? The same thing will happen at all tile joints, on the walls of houses in a damp corner. Pests will receive the maximum subscription, which will then lead to the development of other diseases in people that are provoked by mold and mildew.

And this is a stream from Beijing, remember the ugly building? And they did it, now it’s not so terrible here, and they didn’t pour sugar on anyone

And car owners don’t thank the Thai authorities for this. After all, their cars are washed with a sticky composition; in fact, the water dries in the sun, but the stickiness of the body remains.

And cars get dirty much faster; dust just sticks to them in pieces. It feels like this sweet shower was sponsored by the owners of city car washes.

I haven’t seen such sprinklers here, these are probably special equipment for hot countries

Do you think sugar water is better for this? Or more harm than good. After all, for some reason this technology had not been used before. Sugar is expensive because?

Eh, but as a child we had a dream that Coca-Cola would be sprayed in fountains. It almost came true, but not for us!

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