In India, people who defecate in the open air are watered with a water cannon (7 photos)

14 December 2023

In India... it smells. And not always with turmeric and incense. It often smells of rottenness and urine; anyone who has ever smelled the mixture of these aromas will not confuse India with anything else. It is logical that we need to fight such “fame”. And this is what the Mumbai authorities came up with.

And this struggle has been going on with varying success for 10 (!) years. It is difficult to reeducate the population, especially when every year there is a huge influx of villagers who are not familiar with the urban way of life.

The reaction of women is priceless, they are embarrassed to do this

There are two ways to deal with those who take a leak in the wrong place - build toilets for them and prohibit them from doing it outside the toilets.

The provision of public toilets in India is still very poor, especially for women. There is even a nationwide “toiletization” campaign, but it is developing very slowly.

Some public toilets in India... Well, at least there are

Therefore, they decided that it would be easier to fight from the other side. Disperse those who go out to relieve themselves wherever necessary.

They are scared away with a water cannon like fighting dogs!

They do it with style!

Check out how the water jet machine was painted

For the sake of the action, fire tanks were borrowed. But they didn’t pretend that they were going to a fire and sneak up on the “pisuns”. On the contrary, they prominently wrote “Pissing Tanker” on the barrel so that people would follow its movement and have fun.

As soon as the steering barrels see someone leaning against the wall to pee, they immediately turn on FIRE at them. That is, water.

Oh, they didn’t go to the fire, it’s not 5 minutes, it takes one minute to respond to the call

You urinate, which means you will be wet. At the same time, water fulfills two purposes at once: it washes the dirty corner and washes away the smell. He also marks and drives away the bully.

It’s warm in India, so no one catches a cold or gets sick, the most humane action possible.

How is it going?

When you stop, then we will stop! How radical!

It’s still very small, but it’s already there. The whole point is not that it is difficult to retrain men to urinate anywhere. It's a matter of population mixing.

India is undergoing urbanization, with thousands of Hindus coming from villages every day to find work and food.

He does two things at once - he writes and talks on the phone. Probably keeps everyone informed

And they have to be trained from scratch every day. But in some villages they don’t even know how to use a toilet, which is why the public toilets that have already been installed are more than sad.

But the fact that India has realized and is fighting the problem is a big leap forward, and, as a tourist, I can only support them. Water cannons, forward!

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