In Sri Lanka, cleaners pay to clean showers and toilets (7 photos)

20 November 2023

And no, not because they are all fetishists. Paid cleaning for cleaners only on one street, one of the most expensive in Sri Lanka.

This is what restrooms and showers look like at jewelry workshops, yes, not the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh

In the capital of Sri Lanka there is Sea Street, on which several luxury jewelry stores and workshops are located. The entire street sparkles with signs and is literally littered with gold. No wonder it is considered “the most expensive in the capital.”

And therefore the cleaner must pay the shop owner for cleaning the toilet or bathroom. And they, in turn, hope that this owner worked hard all day and sweated like an ox.

Golden sweat

This is what a jeweler's work table looks like, he saws gold right on this board

When jewelers work, fine gold dust rises into the air. And the sweatier a person is, the more such dust will stick to his skin.

After work, jewelers wash themselves at the sink or even clean themselves in the bathroom. Gold dust that has been washed away from them can settle in the water, on the sink and in the drains. Or simply fall from clothes onto the tiles when the master undressed before the shower.

The cleaner removes the dirt from the showers and rinses it under running water.

It’s for this reason that the cleaners pay extra to clean the shops on this street! They rinse dirt out of drains and latrines the way gold miners rinsed sand from a river during the Gold Rush.

Gold rush in toilets

As one of the cleaners, 47-year-old Mavin, admits, you can never guess how much gold you will get today.

Sri Lankan craftsmen make necklaces based on pictures from fashion magazines! They have their own atmosphere there

It's always like roulette - whether you hit the jackpot or not. He remembers a very good catch; once he washed a piece weighing 0.6 grams in a plum. This one can be sold for 14 dollars, which is more than he paid for access to the gold-bearing latrine.

Mavin admitted that although he “pays for the entrance ticket,” he has never left in the red. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but he never finishes cleaning without a catch.

Acid is poured into the washed gold soap so that it dissolves the cheap impurity of copper. A real chemist! Hail science!

Perhaps the jewelers themselves simply do not have the skills to wash away the dirt so that they can collect the lost pieces and particles themselves. So Sri Lankan cleaners have their own unique craft skills, which they pass on and do not tell others.

This is the ball the janitor rolled out of gold dust after a day's work.

I wonder how much you have to pay to sweep the floor in the workshop itself!

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