The sword "Excalibur" found in Spain turned out to be of Islamic origin (3 photos)

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30 April 2024

Scientists have finally revealed the age and origin of a sword discovered in Valencia on the east coast of Spain in 1994.

The Department of Archeology of Valencia, on the eve of its 75th anniversary, decided to catalog and analyze artifacts from its collection. One such specimen was the Excalibur sword, found in an upright position during excavations in a place that witnessed the rise and fall of many cultures.

Using modern dating methods, experts from the Archaeological Service (SIAM) determined that the weapon dates back to the Islamic era in Valencia and was made in the 10th century.

In Spain, swords from this period are extremely rare, especially in Valencia, where the composition of the soil makes their preservation difficult.

Archaeologist and project leader Jose Miguel Osuna determined that the 45-centimeter blade dates back to the Islamic period by its handle, which is decorated with bronze plates and incisions.

The size of the sword and the absence of a guard suggest that it could have been used by a mounted warrior during the Andalusian Caliphate. Its origins date back to the Islamic era of Balancia, although it shows evolutionary features of Visigothic examples.

So far, only one such specimen has been discovered during excavations at Medina Azahara, the famous caliphic city built by order of Abd ar-Rahman III in Cordoba. The Islamic period in Spain began in 711 AD. and ended in 1492 AD.

"Archaeologist José Miguel Osuna conducts detailed research and analysis of metal artifacts dating from the Roman era to the late Middle Ages. During the work, an exceptional sword was discovered, which we called Excalibur de Roc Chabas, because it is very similar to the legendary weapon of King Arthur," - Jose Luis Moreno from the cultural department said in a press release.

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