A 14-story building is on fire in Valencia (2 photos + 5 videos)

25 February 2024

People are blocked in the building, their exact number is unknown.

According to preliminary information, a strong fire broke out on Thursday afternoon on the 7th floor of a 14-storey building in the Campanar area of Valencia (Spain).

As a result of the fire, a column of flame and thick smoke formed, which almost instantly engulfed the entire building. 22 fire brigades are trying to put out the fire.


At the moment, more than 30 people, including rescuers, have already been injured by the fire. 4 people died. People jumped from balconies to escape the flames.

Antonio Hospitaler, a professor of civil engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, suggested that the speed of the fire's spread was due to a combination of wind and flammable materials outside the building.


Spain's public television TVE reported that the 14-story building, built more than 14 years ago, had more than 130 apartments.

The flames took several hours to turn the house into a “charred skeleton.” Eyewitnesses claim that the fire spread with incredible speed, as if the house was made of cardboard.

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