Ten ancient shipwrecks discovered off Kasos Island (6 photos + 1 video)

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16 March 2024

A team from the Hellenic National Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, discovered ten shipwrecks and other important artifacts while exploring the marine area around the Greek island of Kasos.

The “Kasos Marine Archaeological Project” started back in 2019. An international group of experts worked on it and have only now published a report.

The finds date from the Prehistoric (3000 BC), Classical (460 BC), Hellenistic (100 BC - 100 AD), Roman ( 200 BC - 300 AD), Byzantine (800 - 900 AD), as well as the medieval and Ottoman periods.

Divers working at depths of 20 to 47 meters discovered ten sunken ships carrying cargo from Africa, Asia Minor, Italy and Spain.

Unique artifacts were recovered from the bottom: a Spanish amphora with a seal on the handle (150-170 AD), drinking vessels, flasks from Roman times, a stone anchor from the archaic period.

For the first time, side-scan sonar was used to map and bathymetry the Kasos-Karpathos reef and the Karpatholimnion region.

In addition, scientists managed to find a shipwreck from World War II. This is a wooden ship with metal elements, the length of which was 25-30 meters

The findings were recorded and documented using modern scientific methods. All this allows you to better study the history of Kasos and the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean.

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