A waitress from China became popular thanks to the movements of a robot (3 photos + 1 video)

11 April 2024

While robots are trying to replace humans at work, people are pretending to be robots to replace them at work! Everything is mixed up, what a crazy time we live in, and China is ahead of everyone in this matter.

Real robot

The Qin girl had her own snack bar, like there are millions of them in China, and even in her area of Chongqing! It is very difficult to stand out from such eateries, but the girl did it.

She is simply incredibly similar, perfectly imitating the behavior of an android robot. Well, or how we imagine the behavior of an android.

When a video of her went viral on social media. networks, hundreds of people began to stand in queues every evening to see the robot live and understand for themselves - is it really a person or really a robot?!


It turned out very realistic, but the intrigue did not last long. The hostess admitted that she was human.

How does she do this!?

Nothing unusual, just typical Chinese honing a skill to an incredible level. The girl is only 26, and since the age of 12 she has been dancing professionally. Apparently, tired or injured, she decided to “settle down” and open her own diner.

She's best at making her look lifeless.

In China, this work is difficult, but very popular; the Chinese love to eat out.

The girl admitted that she sometimes danced in front of clients with former colleagues for fun, but did not receive such popularity. But as soon as I showed the robot once, things started to happen...

She gets into ridiculous robot poses, it's so funny

Another proof that all sorts of brilliant ideas come by random search and self-searching.

The girl is absolutely happy that she can combine her work and passion for dancing, and as much as she wants, and not non-stop.

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