Wreath on the crowns of creation (25 photos)

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6 April 2024

Spring is the time of flowering and fragrance. Literally before our eyes, some flowers replace others.

I really want to remember and preserve these magical moments. Therefore, some people weave wreaths from wild and meadow flowers and herbs and take pictures with them. But there is a better way to capture magical spring moments and combine two in one - a wreath and a cat. It is simply impossible to imagine a more spring and magical picture.

1. Grace of contrasts

2. Modest, but tasteful

3. Such different roses

4. Artificial ones are no worse

5. Marshmallow mood

6. Airy tenderness

7. All the scents of spring

8. Queen of Roses

9. Shy and charming

10. Red-haired charm

11. Forest Fairy

12. Both flowers and berries

13. Children of the sun

14. Gift of the fields

15. Captivated by cherry aromas

16. Bagheera in yellow

17. The daisies hid, but we found them all

18. The Witch of the Wild Meadows

19. We didn’t want to, we were forced to

20. Chamomile Shy

21. On the threshold of summer

22. When the apple trees are in bloom

23. This is what tenderness looks like

24. Clover for good luck

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