Our world is beautiful and diverse, and here are 45 proofs of this (46 photos)

2 March 2024

Perhaps the only thing that absolutely everyone can agree on is that our world is an amazing place, full of interesting people, landscapes, animals and much more. So sit back and get ready to enjoy a large selection of entertaining photos and facts shared by netizens.

1. A 13-kilometer “canvas” full of Ice Age paintings that depict long-extinct creatures was discovered in the Amazon rainforest.

2. “A customer brought a 1934 $1,000 bill to the bank.”

3. Drilled well on Mars

4. Statue of Yasuke, an African slave who arrived in Japan in 1579 and became the first black samurai

5. Calcite that resembles dragon scales

6. To protest against censorship in 1934, photographer A.L. The best man took a photograph that later became iconic: in it he broke all possible rules and prohibitions

7. Batman Maya

In 2014, Warner Bros invited 30 artists to draw their own version of Batman in honor of the character's 75th anniversary. Among them was Christian Pacheco, owner of the design firm Kimbal in Yucatan, Mexico. Its design is shown above.

8. The chair leg separated the reflection colors

9. Cicada on cicada tattoo

10. Dobby the house elf's grave at the site where this scene from Harry Potter was filmed

11. How is your thalassophobia doing?

12. Surprisingly delicate work

13. What a dragon!

14. A 10-year-old girl named Laura Buxton released a balloon with a note containing her name and address. The balloon flew 225 kilometers and landed in the yard of another 10-year-old girl named Laura Buxton.

15. Rainbow wrasse caught off Christmas Island, Australia

16. Dust storm in Australia that looks like a mug of beer

17. In France, a 15-year-old horse named Peyo often visits terminally ill patients in the hospital. The horse chooses which patient to visit and knocks its hoof at their door.

18. There is a tiny “Fallen Astronaut” monument on the Moon, as well as a plaque with the names of eight American astronauts and six Soviet cosmonauts who died in service

19. South Africa at night

20. Beagle puppy with albinism

21. The artist made a diorama of his own room

22. A rainbow at sunset looks like a giant planet

23. When the foxes discovered little penguins on a small Australian island, they almost destroyed the entire colony. Then one farmer began sending his dogs to protect the birds.

Since then, the penguin population has increased and recovered significantly!

24. Unique football field in Norway

25. Spider leg close-up

26. Wrestler Andre the Giant in a bar in 1976

27. Strange rectangular iceberg in Antarctica

28. These spherical Moeraki boulders can be found in New Zealand. They formed more than 56 million years ago during the Paleocene era

29. A border collie named Chaser was the animal with the best memory. Chaser knew 1022 toys by name and could find and bring any one on command.

30. Rainbow Mountains in Utah

31. An old car that was converted into a garden fountain

32. Arm wrestler Jeff Dabe has the largest ring size in the world. The girth of his finger is 12.14 centimeters, and his wrists and forearms are 30 and 48 centimeters, respectively.

33. Peacock in flight

34. Four men from the same city who fought in four different wars

35. Times Square before billboards, 1919

36. The world's oldest intact ship, discovered at a depth of 2 kilometers in the Black Sea. This ancient Greek ship sank more than 2,400 years ago

37. The orangutan extended his hand to a man who, as it seemed to him, was drowning in the river. In fact, he caught snakes to protect monkeys from their deadly bites.

38. Roman columns in a supermarket in Croatia

39. Village in Denmark

40. A “portal” to the Polish city of Lublin was installed in Vilnius, which allows people to see each other in real time

41. Graffiti in the Polish city of Bialystok

42. Demonstration of a fireman's helmet, Germany, 1900

43. Photo of a beach in Mumbai before and after a cleanup organized by lawyer Afroz Shah

Thanks to this, turtles were able to lay eggs here again after a 20-year break.

44. Rainbow Hall in the Crystal Palace, Madrid

45. Emerald Lake, Canada

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