Frankenstein car put up for sale in Ukraine (6 photos)

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15 November 2023

Even last year, this car became a TikTok star and not only. However, the owner of a rather unusual car decided to sell it. And the price is quite symbolic ($1,900), but how such a car will suit everyone is a rhetorical question. After all, at first glance, everything is quite good, but there are nuances...

If you look closely, it is a kind of cat dog on wheels. From the front, the car is perceived as an Audi A4. But from the side, your brain begins to boil, because you begin to understand that something is wrong with everything here - both with the doors and with the roof line. Well, when you go around the car from behind - you understand that this is not an Audi (relatively new), but a Ford Sierra, forgotten by many, which is increasingly rare on our roads.

As they joke in the comments, this is the case when the girl asks:

Is it definitely an Audi?

Exactly, exactly, sit down already!

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