18 proofs that the microwave has its own rules (19 photos)

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19 February 2024

Perhaps the most experimentation falls on the microwave oven, because the range of its applications seems to be the widest! But knowledge of the rules for using this miracle technology can dispel such misconceptions.

An elderly couple disinfected money in the microwave

“I'm guessing it wasn't meant to be microwaved. But the vegetables were tasty"

“The girl got her Airpods wet and decided to dry them in the microwave.”

“My plate decided the game was over.”

“Left my fork in the microwave”

Ignorance of the rules for using a microwave, and sometimes simple inattention, cause such funny outcomes. But it is important to remember that sometimes the consequences are much more serious!

“It turned out that the plastic bowl is not suitable for the microwave.”

“I put them in the microwave to dry. I have a test tomorrow and I can't read my notes."

“The white mug is microwave-resistant, but the black one is not. I usually don't confuse them."

“I wanted to cook rice in the microwave.”

“Mom was making Christmas cake and decided to melt white chocolate in the microwave.”

Using a microwave oven you can conduct various experiments!

“My friend couldn’t figure out what it was for a long time until he remembered a slice of pizza left in the microwave a week ago.”

“Now my daughter knows what happens if you forget to fill the noodles with water.”

“Accidentally set the microwave for 20 minutes instead of 2 and left”

Looking at these failures, you might think that this could never happen to us! But the authors of these photos probably thought the same thing.

“My sister heated a bagel for 10 minutes.”

“My friend’s husband decided that a T-shirt would dry faster in the microwave.”

As you already understood, experiments in the microwave oven are carried out not only with food!

“He forgot to add water to the noodles before heating them in the microwave.”

“My friends’ kids decided to dry out the crayons.”

“French fries after 30 minutes in the microwave instead of 3”

We hope you found this collection not only funny, but also instructive!

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