How not to heat up: 30 epic fails with microwaves (31 photos)

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26 May 2023

Many people have a difficult relationship with technology - and especially with microwaves. Sometimes they try to heat up strange things in them or foods that are generally better not to reheat. As a result, fails are obtained and collections like this one.

1. "Daddy asked me to warm up the disc in the microwave"

2. "Have you thought about what will happen to the frozen croissant if you heat it up in the microwave? So, no think"

3. "I thought the clock on the microwave was buggy. It turned out there was a cockroach stuck in there"

4. "And I tried to make a cupcake. A minute later my microwave made THIS"

5. Cream said goodbye

6. And this is what trying to warm up a jar of nutella looks like

7. Someone tried to warm up an Oreo, burned it and left a mark on the plate

8. "My little son discovered the microwave...."

9. The girl wet her headphones and put them in the microwave to "dry"..

10. You better not mess with microwaves.

11. "I just decided to reheat frozen honey, and I forgot to unscrew the lid"

12. Never try to reheat an avocado.

13. "Yes, I'm just lucky"

14. Lunch jumped and turned over in the microwave

15. Don't forget to add water..

16. "Today I found out that 3 minutes is too long to heat milk in the microwave."

17. Sometimes it's better not to reheat cookies.

18. Don't try to boil an egg in the microwave.

19. "Mixed the buttons, and accidentally put the microwave on for 20 minutes .."

20. When there was a plastic bottle in the microwave

21. "Have you ever warmed up a mug, forgetting to pour tea into it?"

22. An attempt to melt white chocolate ended in failure.

23. "Tried to warm up breakfast. Heard strange noises and popping. Microwave suddenly caught fire."

24. And it happens

25. "I was heating up instant noodles and forgot the water."

26. "Cook an egg in the microwave, it's easy" - they said ...

27. "I found out today that some plastic containers are not microwave safe."

28. It's better not to make popcorn in plastic bowls.

29. Plastic cover, for now

30. "It was an attempt to cook pizza in the microwave .."

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