Unusual pedestrian: the internet is discussing a guy wearing VR glasses walking a robotic dog

10 February 2024
In London, a guy attracted the attention of passersby by walking his robotic dog with a mixed reality helmet on his head. The young man holds an imaginary leash in his hands, and the dog nimbly walks ahead.

The video caused a mixed reaction on social networks: some expressed their admiration, while others complained that humanity could soon turn into a dystopia. “If you have a watchdog like this, no one will mess with you,” one commenter wrote. “He should have spent some of that money on clothes instead of an ill-fitting suit,” criticizes another.

Mixed reality headsets have become one of the most discussed topics on social networks in recent days. People are posting videos of Vision Pro owners walking the streets and even driving cars while in augmented or fully virtual reality.

To interact with the system, you can use not only gestures, but also eye tracking and voice commands.
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