Meredith stone with a human face and its mystery (6 photos)

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16 October 2023

This strange artifact was discovered in 1872. But over the past time, an exact answer to the question of what it is has not been found.

Meredith, New Hampshire businessman Seneca A. Ladd hired a crew to fence the area. While working, the men came across a strange object that looked alien in the thick red clay. And very beautiful.

An egg-shaped object made of dark quartzite measuring approximately 6 by 10 centimeters turned out to be carefully polished. One side of the egg is decorated with an image of a human face - emotionless and at the same time expressive thanks to the specific carving. Others bear quite recognizable symbols - a wigwam, arrows, ears of corn.

This suggested that the item was made by representatives of some Native American tribe. But what is the Meredith Stone - an object of worship, a weapon, a tool, or part of some more complex structure?

Researchers have established the approximate age of the artifact (c. 1800s) and put forward the version that it is related to Celtic culture.

Thunder Stone

The assumption was put forward in 1931. According to it, we are talking about the so-called thunder stone. Which was believed to fall from the sky and be of divine nature.

Ancient thunder stones

Several centuries ago, peasants quite often found something similar in the fields and vegetable gardens - processed stones, which were considered a warning from the celestials, a sign of the elements.

Ladd's family donated the find to a local museum. Where anyone can look into the eyes... of an egg. Very unusual. And try to understand its true nature. But for now it is silent. But there are no other versions explaining the purpose of this thing, as well as similar finds.

What kind of artifact do you think this could be?

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