Abandoned sheepdog wandered the streets with a toy in his mouth (7 photos)

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23 May 2023

Shabby, sad and lonely german shepherd modestly wandered the streets, holding a soft toy in her teeth. Passers-by took a picture of her and decided to help, but did not expect such a big response..

On the streets of the American city of Detroit noticed a lonely German Shepherd, which was not to be looked at without pity. abandoned the dog wandered down the street with a soft toy in his mouth, and was in a bad condition. Passers-by photographed how she carries her favorite toy along street, and published photos in different groups of social networks. Shepherd footage immediately caused a great response on the network.

The photo of the dog went viral and was noticed by staff local animal rescue center. They couldn't leave the sheepdog alone in trouble, and decided to help by cooperating with the shelter. The dog that received the nickname Nikki, quickly found and taken to a shelter. How the owner of the orphanage later found out, Nikki lived on the street for months - probably after the death of the owners. The shepherd was gathering leftovers in the back streets, and sometimes her fed by the locals.

But everything was behind. Nikki was examined by veterinarians, and to unfortunately, they found a heartworm in her and a number of other problems with health. She also had to operate on her stomach, where the doctors found plastic bags and wooden twigs. After Nikki's recovery sent for foster care to a caring family, where she now continues be treated.

In foster care, Nikki was put on a diet of chicken, rice and useful products. As you recover, both your physical and the emotional state of the dog. She opens up every day shows his wonderful, gentle nature. According to the guardians, she often shows his feelings and is very grateful for the care.

When the dog finally recovers, a permanent home will be found for it. Thanks people!

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