25 beautiful things damaged by staining, before and after restoration (26 photos)

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14 March 2023

Finding antique furniture in good condition is becoming increasingly harder and harder, since no one canceled natural wear and tear. AND imagine the horror of a true connoisseur who sees such furniture under a fresh but misplaced coat of paint! Subreddit r/ReversePinterest documents cases where people are influenced by modern trends from Pinterest repainted furniture, vases and other things. And then other people restored these items, returning them to their former beauty.

1. “A cedar chest was tortured for a long time with cracked paint, and then sold at a flea market for $20. But now he is saved and beautiful"

2. “A $75 chest of drawers on Craigslist. It ended up being the owner gave it to us for free - he saw that my wife was pregnant. This is my first time doing furniture restoration! Satisfied with the result"

3. “Giving a helping hand to this poor fellow. And I was pleasantly surprised discovering the gorgeous texture of wood under a layer of paint"

6. “$25 hard teak table. Without paint, we like him much more"

5. “I liked the shape of the vase. I knew it was painted, but I had no idea what was under the paint. Pleasantly surprised"

6. “Found at a yard sale and rescued. The twine was planted on glue, I had to try to clean and wash everything "

7. “This chest of drawers cost $8. I couldn't refuse and accepted the challenge."

8. “Randomly stumbled upon this table in a thrift store and I felt it was my duty to bring him into a divine form. ”

9. “I still don’t understand why this vase had to be painted.”

10. “My uncle restored this table. It turned out that this work of Jan Kuipers. I think it looks pretty neat."

11. “My father didn’t have much respect for beautiful furniture, so painted the filing cabinet glossy white and wrote directly on it marker. I corrected this misunderstanding"

12. “I had no idea what beauty was hiding under the paint!”

13. “Restored masterpiece. Harlequin line for American Of Martinsville designed by Merton Gershun"

14. “My first furniture restoration experience”

15. “Before and after. How do you like the result?

16. “50s bedside table by Bassett. Bought for $30"

17. “Someone painted this bedside table to match their interior. And I returned it to its original state and I think that it is much better"

18. "Goodbye, yellow "aged" paint!"

19. “Saw this chest of drawers on sale for $30 and realized that under a layer of paint hides something amazing. This is my first experience furniture restoration, but I'm happy with the result"

20. "Please don't paint nice furniture!"

21. Teak Table Rescue

22. "Picked up on the roadside and revived"

23. “It was and has become. This is my first experience, I tried very hard"

24. "The Last of Those I Saved"

25. “I don’t know who managed to buy a lamp, paint it and throw it away, but I like my new lamp.”

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