“Immoral” musical instruments were burned in Afghanistan (6 photos)

6 July 2024

They actually started burning it last year, but they continue to this day. How many tools, it turns out, have accumulated. It’s even sad that people loved music, it turns out.

The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (a funny name, like something out of a dystopia) held a burning of “vicious” instruments. In the western province of Herat, guitars, harmonicas and speakers were piled up. This is because “non-Islamic music” could be played on them.

The instrument is burned in front of the musician

As always, there is a double standard, they burn instruments rather than fight not to play forbidden music. They cover the faces of women so as not to have vicious thoughts, instead of struggling with vicious thoughts and working on oneself.

Fighting confiscation the Taliban way

All these tools were confiscated from towns and villages for a month to be used for the fire. You can no longer buy new ones, selling tools is prohibited - this is haram.

A girl plays with tinsel from torn videotapes

But not all absolutely music is prohibited! The genre of religious battle songs is allowed, with a limited list of verses glorifying jihad. To perform them, most often you only need drums.

Of course, there have already been many harsh prohibitions in Afghanistan - banning women from going to school, working, visiting beauty salons, but this is no longer a new thing. But it’s very offensive for musical instruments that are not to blame for anything, created to give people the beauty of art.

They also wanted to ban drums, but they are needed for war songs

The group's local leader in the province, Aziz al-Rahman al-Muhajir, said the burned musical instruments create "vanity among the youth and corrupt the society of Afghanistan." Earlier that year, the Taliban carried out another public burning of musical instruments in Kabul.

You can dance, but not to the guitar. They will also start dancing tango or flamenco with each other!

Moreover, there the musicians whose instruments were taken away were forced, under threat of reprisal, to repent. For example, repeat ten times “I was wrong, I committed an immoral act and I will not play anymore.” And tell the whole crowd that “every musician should know that he will not escape trial.”

The flow of refugees from the new rules still continues, but Pakistan does not really accept them

Of course, each country has its own rules, but it’s a big pity for the tools. That's purely human. You don’t need it, they would put it in a cart and take it and give it to a neighboring country, Pakistan there. The kids there would be happy, there are Muslims there, but they don’t burn guitars in piles.

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