30 musical instruments that have found new uses (31 photos)

12 December 2023

Musical instruments are meant to create beautiful melodies, right? But it also happens that they break or become unnecessary. Should good things go to waste? Why not give such things a second life? From the trombone as a toilet paper holder to the bass guitar as a race car...

1. I love the sound of water

2. It looks very organic

3. The cat stole his lounger

4. The holiday is coming to us

5. New house

6. Entrance to the parking lot of the Estonian National Opera

7. Who sounded the trumpet?

8. So be it

9. Get creative

10. Made of plexiglass with the addition of dried flowers

11. Best idea

12. Played on my nerves

13. German version of Stonehenge, somewhere in Mönchengladbach

14. Music room. The water is turned on by pressing the pedals; the piano was made in 1910. Clarinet for towel and trombone holds toilet paper

15. Music makes everything around you bloom

16. Perpetual motion

17. No more accordions

18. Flamenco guitar

19. It’s still cold

20. Skeleton cello

21. Fiction

22. Towel holder

23. Flat installation

24. Unexpectedly

25. In an online store

26. Advertisement for a piano repairman

27. Original lamp

28. Another toilet paper holder

29. How do you like this table?

30. Whole installation

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