Big changes: 35 entertaining photos from the series "Before and after" (36 photos)

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22 January 2023

Two photographs of the same place, taken from a large time difference and placed side by side, sometimes they can say more, than any words. Subreddit Old Photos In Real Life has collected a huge the number of such images and they are very interesting to look at. Changes can be different - both for good and for bad, but they there is always.

1. Elsie Alcock lived in the same house for 104 years

2. "Today I'm flying a restored World War II Hurricane fighter that my grandfather flew!"

3. Dusseldorf, Germany - 1990-2019

4. An abandoned mansion in Poland, left in ruins. Now it has been restored to its former beauty.

5. It was and has become. Repair works wonders!

6. Manufaktura, Lodz, Poland (1994 and 2014)

7. Before and after renovation

8. Minami-Sanriku (Japan) 2011 and 2020

9. Crater Lake (Oregon, USA) in 1982 and 2022

10. Before and after the renovation of an abandoned building

11. "My mother and I on the porch of the house in the Bronx, which belongs to our family for 100 years, and recreate a photo of our relatives, made in the 40s"

12. Before and after

13. Machu Picchu, Peru, 1915-2020 One of the New 7 Wonders of the World

14. Bridge Gaardbrug, Utrecht, Netherlands

15. Edinburgh, Scotland

16. Paghman Gardens in Afghanistan, 1967 and 2008

17. Lake Mead (Nevada Reservoir), 1983 and 2021

18. "The eucalyptus that made the canoe. Almost certainly." Australia, photographs 130 years apart

19. View of Central Park in New York towards the Beresford building - 1932/2022

20. Pines Resort, Fallsburg, New York (1950s-recent)

21. "Tried my best to find the same place. Santiam Wagon Road, Oregon. Once upon a time (the road was used from the 1860s to the 1930s) and now"

22. The oldest surviving camera negative is Lacock Abbey, England, 1835 and 2022.

23. Eureka, Colorado 1899/2020

24. Western Theater of Laodicea on Lika (Turkey). 2003 and 2021

25. The legendary pub Crookedhouse

26. Unlucky house in San Francisco, 1936 and 2022

27. Center of Warsaw, 1944/2022

28. Waiting area at Michigan Central Railroad Depot, Detroit (1965 and 2014)

29. Pool at the Grande Beira Hotel, Beira, Mozambique (1958 and 2015)

30. Normanton Church, Rutland, UK. 1970s - present

31. Elizabeth Tower from Westminster Bridge. 1869 and 2022

32. Old Market Street, Bristol (1895 & 2020)

33. Chicago in the 1930s and today

34. Main and Delaware Streets, Kansas City, Missouri

35. Baghdad

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