The police caught a runaway cow and almost sent her to the next world (3 photos + 1 video)

21 June 2024

At approximately 8:55 pm on Friday (June 14), Surrey Police received a report of a cow running through the streets in Staines-upon-Thames. The footage, which has since gone viral, shows a police car ramming the animal twice. They wanted to catch it so much that they overdid it a little!

Britons were shocked by footage of a police car mercilessly running over - twice for good measure - a cow it had been tasked with capturing and returning to a farm. Now the whole country knows that this is not just any cow, but a 10-month-old calf named Bo Lucy.

The footage shows her being hit for the first time by a police car before she gets back to her feet. And she is immediately knocked down a second time, so much so that she ends up under the wheels of a car.

Warning: difficult to read content

After the second ramming, one of the passers-by asked the police: “Why are you doing this?”

This question was asked by many others who saw the footage.

Surrey Police said they were told a cow had damaged a car and was attacking passersby.

Since then the situation has changed several times.

First, the officer who rammed the animal has been suspended from duty, with Deputy Chief Constable Nev Kemp saying the matter will be “thoroughly and thoroughly investigated.”

Bo Lucy is thankfully back on the farm and is under veterinary care. She is, of course, injured and needs treatment.

“I know cow welfare is a big concern at the moment,” Nev Kemp said. “Now she has returned to her owner and is being restored along with the herd. She has a large cut on one leg and other cuts and abrasions. She continues to be monitored by a veterinarian and our village officers are in contact with the owner for updates.

I can confirm that unsuccessful attempts were made to contact local veterinarians that evening while efforts were being made to identify the owner. Why they were unsuccessful and what more could and should have been done will be a key part of the investigation.”

The owner of Bo Lucy, a farmer named Rob, is extremely dissatisfied with the actions of the police.

“I think the video speaks for itself. It was terrible,” he said. — The method of resolving the situation was incorrect. It was wrong and I think everyone realized that. I don't understand why they didn't use a tranquilizer dart. Then the animal would immediately calm down, a halter could be put on it and taken away from the street. I think they were unable to contact the vet in time and get the necessary instructions. Because of this, we took the wrong path.”

He added that Bo Lucy is being given antibiotics and painkillers to reduce her suffering as much as possible. She is gradually recovering, but a full recovery will take time as it is unknown what internal injuries she may have sustained.

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