Barely breathing and not moving: a man saved an obese dog (6 photos)

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21 June 2024

A veterinarian examined an animal that an animal activist saw on the side of a street in Thailand. He explained that the dog was obese due to illness and they needed to hurry to ensure that he survived.

A man came across a fat spotted dog that was lying on the roadway and did not move as cars rushed by. He decided to save the animal - he showed it to the veterinarian and found a new owner. Social networks were delighted with this act and called the rescue story the best thing they had heard during the year. User X (Twitter) with the nickname Niall Harbison spoke about the situation with the dog.

On June 17, Niall Harbison posted six posts showing the transformation of a dog named "Cindy Crawford." In the first post you can see the initial condition of the animal. Back in September 2023, she was indeed noticeably large, weighed 46 kg and suffered from “morbid obesity.” The man showed on video the moment of his first meeting: when he stroked her, he noticed how the fur fell out in clumps. The following footage, published on June 17, shows the amazing changes that 38 million X users were interested in.

The author of the messages described what he did to save the dog. First, he washed it and treated the wounds on the skin. After that, he took him to the veterinarian, who found out that the animal had problems with the thyroid gland: he prescribed special medications and a diet. After just a few days of being at home, the dog began to move and even walked several meters, according to footage from one of the videos.

“The veterinarians were very insistent that she hurry because she could have died of a heart attack due to the stress her body was under,” the man wrote.

Meanwhile, a new owner was found - a woman named Lana, the note says. In the photo you can see a woman, a dog and a board with the results of treatment. The board shows that the treatment had an effect: the animal began to lose weight and lost 400 grams weekly.

After five months, Sydney was even able to run, said Niall Harbison. She lives in Lana's house, has a healthy coat and relaxes by the pool.

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